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YUM - Strange Food

Bacon Starry Night Sweety Todd Melting Cake Head The Obscene Carrot Sliced Pig Peeps Sushi Experience Food Chocolate Skulls Wiener Dog Post Easter Peeps Pi Day This Is Why Youre Fat Meat Ship Cooking With Cheese Food Art Kyaraben Spam Dinner From National Geographic July 1943 Winter Trees Ham Sandwich Loaf Green Enchilada With Sour Cream Veal Loaf Mold Carrot Bottom Cooked Pickled Tongue French Gilled Oxtail Suckling Pig Hawaiian Meat Face Hover Bacon Minimians El Conejo Fresa Peep Show - The Secret Life Of Peeps Chocolate Bunny Test Marrow Balls Mystery Dip Cajun Head Cheese Ring-Around-The-Tuna



  • We at Monkey Says What understand that there are many different foodstuffs and delicacies eaten around the world.

  • And while we do have an appreciation for people that use every part of an animal or other food substance without wasting parts that we wouldn't eat, some of this stuff we just couldn't serve with a straight face.