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Mow the Lawn

Mow the Lown

April 03, 2009

This one is for all of you who don't check out Boing Boing (what's wrong with you?). They've reblogged one of the most entertaining sexual innuendo commercial we've seen. And of course you won't see it on American TV - this one is from the UK. Ah, the joy of the tulips on the mound & the clean shaven pussy.

On a more serious note: Some people have said that this commercial is sexist, but, seeing as most people trim, cut and/or shave some hair on their body they really have no room to argue. Is shaving your beard sexist? How about cutting & styling your hair? Not to mention shaving your armpit hair. To these people we say "Relax and enjoy."

[Mow the Lawn]